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meet  Jill  &  Frank

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Our story

180 degrees celebrates 20 years in business

Founded in 2001,180 degrees is a New Zealand biscuit maker, focused on baking the most delicious, luxurious biscuits, created with love and imagination, packed with character and flavour.

Today as the company grows, our skilled workforce continues to uphold our core values. Attention to detail, pride in our work and a cast-iron commitment to customer satisfaction are still firmly at the heart of everything we do.

We started “wowing” our customers 20 years ago, with a small range of handmade sweet and savoury biscuits. Fast forward to today, our winning range of Oat crackers, Lavosh and Cheese Bites are made in small batches using the finest quality natural ingredients, with beautiful recipes which continue to amaze our customers.


As our motto says, we are 'Created for taste' which becomes clear with every delicious bite!


We are massive foodies from way back who travelled the world as a butler/chef duo. 180 degrees story started in 2001 with two young babies in tow. After years of experiencing the best of international food we settled back into New Zealand life. Our passion for entertainment and good food inspired us to make a beautiful selection of crackers and biscuits to be enjoyed on all social occasions.

meet  Nigel 

I joined Jill and Frank shortly after 180 degrees was launched and together we have channelled our passion for food to produce the finest quality crackers.

For the last 18 years, I have enjoyed working with a wonderful team and dedicated staff while building 180 degrees. 


Naturally Simple

We are a Kiwi born and bred company (now internationally owned) established in 2001. Since then, we have watched our company grow into a staple in many New Zealand and international homes. All of our artisan crackers and biscuits are made from the highest quality natural ingredients. Created for taste, our customers love our attention to detail.

You will too!

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